Product Pricing

Single License Annual Subscription Version Upgrade
PermitPro $1000AUD $400AUD $800AUD
PermitPro Web $2500AUD $1500AUD $2250AUD

Initial Purchase

Permit Pro and Permit Pro Web are both sold on a per installed license basis. Each purchase of a Single License is entitled to email-based support for a period of 60 days starting from the purchase date. Additionaly, purchases of a Single License include an Annual subscription for the first year of their license, subsequent years will require payment of the Annual Subscription as described below.

Annual Subscriptions

Registered Permit Pro and Permit Pro Web customers can purchase an Annual Subscription for each license for consecutive one-year periods at 40% of the current Permit Pro list price. This will entitle purchases of an Annual Subscription to email-based support and all enhancements and bug fixes that are available for a single license for a single calendar year. This Annual Subscription will start immediately after the previous Annual Subscription period expires, regardless of when you purchase the Annual Subscription. This means that in some circumstances the Annual Subscription may be back dated.

Version Upgrade

The Vesion Upgrade option is for those previously registered customers who do not want to purchase an Annual Subscription but do want to obtain the latest version. You may purchase a Permit Pro or Permit Pro Web Version Upgrade at any time. A version upgrade entitles you to receive the latest Permit Pro or Permit Pro Web version and an Annual Subscription for one calendar year for a single license, starting on the day you buy the new version. Additional charges may apply to bring your database up to date with the purchased version upgrade depending upon you current installed version.